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We’ve had OPR members do some crazy things in the past.  12 half marathons in 12 months, 10×10 (10 miles a day for 10 days in a row) and just this past weekend, Board Member, Sam ran 30 miles in 20 hours.   All impressive and crazy feats.

And today, well today marks 396 days of consecutive running, that’s running every. single. day. for close to 400 days for OPR’s Featured Runner, JENNIE PAYNE.  Simply incredible!

Jennie Payne - Featured

Jennie shared with us the craziness of her journey of the past year at our Season Opener:

365 days ago…

365 days ago… I was recovering from my fourth surgery (three foot and one knee) in less than two years

365 days ago… I made an insane decision thanks to the 40 day running group to challenge myself to run EVERY F’n day…
but only for 40 days…

365 days ago… I must have had too much wine!

365 days ago… my I started a journey I NEVER planned on.

365 days ago… my husband thought I was insane.  But hell… he still does… and I really am!

365 days ago… I started to learn how strong I am.

365 days ago… I had no idea what perseverance, stubbornness, and Heaven and Hell could be

365 days ago… Almost… I became a part of this other crazy ass running group called OPR.  Who knew other people run and drink?  Or for me, drink then run… and then drink some more!

Jennie Payne3

365 days ago… I RAN. Some days may not have been long, but I laced up my shoes (well except that one day I was recovering from having an ingrown toenail removed and had to run in flip flops) But I RAN EVERY day.

365 days ago… I learned to NEVER doubt myself

365 days ago… seems like yesterday.. or maybe that was all the wine?  Though it could have been those post run mimosas and that one race called Ragnar Vegas…

Jennie Payne

365 days ago… has NOT made me want to stop running.

365 days ago… is 2,345.35 miles later averaging 6.42561643856164 miles per day.

365 days ago… is 365 days from now.

But in all honesty it’s now 396 days ago.

Jennie Payne - Featured (4)

 Jennie Payne4

(If you’re not sure who Jennie is, just look for the most animated person in each photo… that’s her!)

All those days of running have paid off for Jennie.   She’s on her way to Boston next week to run in the 120th Boston Marathon.   This will be her 3rd time running Boston.  Also incredible!  Best of Luck, Jennie! We can’t wait to hear all about it.  Thanks for bringing some serious determination, animation, mimosas and treats to our group!

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