Sometimes, in our busy lives, it’s difficult to break away from work and family to get a run in, and it is, many times, much more difficult to break away for social events. It’s most difficult to break away for both – unless you combine them.   Ogden Pub Runners, a group of easy-going runners, combines running and social life one night a week, making the get away from the house or job just a little bit easier. Get in a run, walk, or jaunt and join the group after for a beer.


Purpose. Success. Transcendence. The life lived is one lived wide open. Ogden Pub Runners thrives to open the gateway to spiritual, mental, psychological, and physical symbioses…
…JUST KIDDING.   Our goal is simple: we want to exercise (walk, run, sprint), we want to make new friends who love the same things we love, we want to laugh and talk, and we want support local businesses, giving them our money instead of giving it to chain restaurants and bars.  That’s it.


Founders, Kase and Jake Johnstun, grew up in Ogden. They have seen this city grow. They understand how special Ogden is and has become. And they want to give back to Ogden. They are lifelong runners who saw this model become successful in Tacoma, WA, and knew Ogden would be a great place for a group of runners who like to tip back a pint too. It started in 2013 at Roosters. Seven people came. Two years later, more than 50 runners stood on the rooftop at Alleged and celebrated all things Ogden – the beauty of sun setting on the Wasatch front behind them.

Now, with the efforts of an amazing team (see board members below), we are growing every week and doing things never imagined when we started this group in 2013.


kase2Kase Johnstun, President and Founder.

Kase Johnstun grew up in Ogden and went to St. Josephs schools from Kindergarten to high-school graduation. After leaving Utah, living away for nearly 20 years, Kase came home to a city that he has fallen in love with. He needed to leave to see Ogden for the first time. He, along with his brother, founded Ogden Pub Runners to combine two of his favorite things in life: running and beer.

Contact Kase at kase@ogdenpubrunners.com






Toni Christensen, Board Member

Toni moved to Roy at the age of 4 and continues to live in Roy with her husband and three kids. Toni has been a gym junkie since 2002 and only started running in 2011.   She finished her first half marathon in 2012.  Toni was the first runner to receive the OPR cape in August of 2012.  Easily duped by Kase, she was unaware that the first person to hold the cape would be the fool responsible for coordinating future OPR events.

Since joining OPR Toni has gone from a 2:31 half marathon finish to a 2:06 PR.  She has completed the Full Ogden Marathon twice and didn’t even stop to pee the second time.

Contact Toni at toni@ogdenpubrunners.com



samSam Beasley, Board Member

Sam Beasley was born and lived in Ogden for 38 years. Sam recently moved his family to Bountiful but his home will always be Ogden.  Sam ran short sprints in high school and never imagined running longer than 9 miles in a lifetime. Sam took a 10 year break from significant running and only started running again when some asshole invited him to join a weekly running group he was planning to start in Ogden. Since that time Sam has logged over 2,000 miles. Sam’s key responsibility is to welcome new runners and to welcome back returning members.

Contact Sam at sam@ogdenpubrunners.com





Heather Bird, Board Member

Heather also grew up in Ogden.   After leaving Utah to spend some time in various places across the U.S. and Canada, she returned home to raise her family.     Heather’s love for running developed in high school and continued afterward, knowing it would help her stay in shape.    She ran her first marathon (the Ogden Marathon!) in 2003, mostly to get in better shape.     She didn’t race again until 2009 when she ran first 1/2 marathon four months after having twins, to get back into shape.     She loved the 1/2 and never thought she’d run further again until she started training with her pals above who were all training for the Ogden Marathon.    Heather has a fear of missing out on things, (#FOMO) so to be sure she wouldn’t miss out on the pain they were all going through she joined them for her 2nd Marathon.  Although she’s always loved running, after not being able to run for many months, she’s realized that there’s more to running than getting in shape – as a mother to 4 boys, she needs to run to maintain her sanity.

Contact Heather at heather@ogdenpubrunners.com


17901848_10155045722646145_711690838_oStacy Bernal, Board Member

Stacy rounds out the board by bringing a little bit of Asian Spice to the group. She is an Ogden transplant as of 2008, having grown up a Navy brat. Born in New Jersey, she’s lived in exotic places like Pennsylvania, California, Cuba, Virginia and South Carolina. As an accomplished band nerd in high school, running was Stacy’s punishment for being late to band practice. She was NEVER late to band practice.

It wasn’t until 2008, while working at Rooster’s in Layton, that she started running. The owner, Kym Buttschardt, put together relay teams to run the Ogden marathon. Stacy ran the first seven miles and felt like a total badass. She *thought* she hated running, until she got off the bus at the finish line and spent hours watching marathoners cross. She was in awe. She decided to run the full marathon the next year.

Seven *attempted* marathons (five completed, two DNFs), six Ragnar Relays, two triathlons, and one duathlon later, Stacy is a full-fledged albeit slow runner. She’ll run (and ride and swim) a bunch of races this year, as well as her first 50k in November.

Contact Stacy at stacy@ogdenpubrunners.com